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Great Review from the Blue Coupe show in Paris Oct 12 2014

Concert du 12/10/2014,
Divan du monde, Paris.
As soon as I was told that members of two of the most influential band of all time were in a trio together, I had to listen to them. And when I was told that they were in Paris last week-end, I knew that I had to see them. And so, we went to the Divan Du Monde to see BLUE COUPE, SKINNY MOLLY and AMERICAN DOG on a rainy Sunday night. And I cannot say that I was disappointed.

logoFrom the soundcheck only, it was clear that BLUE COUPE is in rock and roll for the fun. The gear is late, and yet they stay calm,  Joe Bouchard pulling out an IPad and turning the whole venue into a disco club (prompting Dennis Dunaway to quit the band).  Fortunately, everything is ready just in time for them to start the show.

And what a show they gave us… Mixing songs from BLUE OYSTER CULT, ALICE COOPER and some of their own, BLUE COUPE proves us age doesn’t matter, only rock and roll does.

It is even hard to say which one of them leads the band, as they all share the spotlight and are perfectly equals in what they bring to the band.  Listening to the absolutes classics that are “I’m Eighteen” and “Cities On Flames With Rock And Roll” is still a joy, but it’s made even better here by the fact that they not only play the song, but make it feel like on of their own, with a more modern sound and the fact that they are only three on stage. And it shows what an amazing guitarist Joe Bouchard is, as he plays lead and rhythm guitar while singing without a single mistake in the whole show. And listening to him on the great single “Hallows Grave” (originally sang by Alice Cooper), is quite surprising at first, seeing how the two have different voices, but Joe Bouchard has such a wide range that he’s able to render a whole new version of the song.

And seeing the guitarist performing next to Dennis Dunaway is kind of the best thing ever, since the original ALICE COOPER band bass player is probably the most hilarious performer I’ve seen in a while, playing with every person carrying a camera, smiling all the time while making his bass as groovy and catchy as possible, providing perfectly accurate simple lines, especially on “You (Like Vampires)” where the nagging melody slowly gets in your head to never leave it.  His solo saw him going from the classic rock sound of the band to psychedelic territories but with such showmanship that everybody ended up with a good laugh and smile on their faces, watching this tall thin man making nonsensical noises with his bass because he feels like it.

And finally, tonight I got the chance to witness a lesson in drumming. Because Albert Bouchard proved, once and for all, that it doesn’t matter how hard you hit, when you hit right. And despite a couple of mistakes on the first song, the drummer was mesmerizing, dealing energy and groove to everybody in the room. I found myself dancing in rhythm because of him, as he’s both more fluid and bluesier than ever. From the hard bashing from “Godzilla” to the aerial sound of “Astronomy”, and the more modern “You (Like Vampires)”, his charisma and his presence are undeniable giving the whole set a warmer touch, that doesn’t stop even during a short yet efficient solo that I surprisingly enjoyed.

To describe this show perfectly is almost impossible as the chemistry between those three friends is beautiful to watch. BLUE COUPE has mastered the mix of nostalgia and modernity, taking their own songs to make then even more relevant and proving the public that their songwriting skills are still on top, making me basically hope to see a tour with a whole set from their song and a second one with their classics. And even in just one hour, with an absolutely perfect sound, those guys made the day of the whole audience, which I’m sure will be talking about that show for a long time.


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