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Review from Le Forum in France

Jean Lou K    With Joe Bouchard Albert Bouchard and Dennis Dunaway !!!

Blue Coupe, June 13, 2014, Forum Vaureal France   ....As it is not my custom, first part is what I came to see tonight and it promises to be a great time. Blue Coupe, or the combination of two former Blue Oyster Cult and Alice Cooper Group a arrives on scene. The Bouchard brothers are quite well preserved. Albert, the drummer and his eternal smile, Joe, the former bassist became guitarist and singer, plays the role of leader of the new formation. And Dennis Dunaway, bassist for Alice Cooper at the time and it was still the name of the group. Our three guys over the stage and attack with "Under My Wheels" album Killer. I do not know if I'm really objective, but the group is facing a month tearing max. The songs are brilliantly performed by a power trio rather surprising. "Cities on Flame", sung by Albert; I listened to that song so many times teenager and my skin resonates Frisian. The moment is magical; more than during the concert REAL saw Blue Oyster Cult in 2008 in Dunkirk. No Light Show disproportionate, no huge stage and not much budget; 3 types just happy to be there. No More Mr. Nice Guy and the whole room in their heart's content.


Joe Bouchard did a great job on vocals, replacing dignity Cooper, Bloom and Dharma. "Everybody Goes Insane", the first album from their own first and discovery. And yes, Blue Coupe is not just a cover band like so many others. Their two albums "Tornado On Tracks" and "Million Miles More" is even praised by the critics. Moment of nostalgia with the great "Burnin 'For You" still powerful and will have "Hallow's Grave" and "You (Like Vampires)", the flagship titles of their two albums. These new songs sticks very well to their style and does not give the impression of being merely anecdotal. "Astronomy", "I'm Eighteene" and "Godzilla," the trifecta, or fifteen minutes of pure joy that take us dangerously towards the inevitable end of this first part. "School's Out" is the inevitable last as Alice Cooper, who will go on stage a Pascal, Frenchy friend of Dennis Dunaway, singing.

And to finish off the evening, the incomparable "(Do not Fear) The Reaper" with Jean-Lou Kalinowski (Shakin 'Street) to the bell cow ... a program. It's a standing ovation awaits the Blue Coupe. A sincere hello, clapping thunder and our three guys join the public to sign all that is in their hands .... Very good evening ....

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